IMC International ADR Centre

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  • IIAC aims at providing full spectrum of alternate dispute resolution services from arbitration to mediation and conciliation. Options range from standalone arbitration and mediation processes to combinations such as Med-Arb- Med or Med-Arb or Arb-Med- Arb processes.
  • IIAC assists and encourages reluctant parties to proceed with ADR processes.
  • IIAC is the only Institutional ADR services provider; to provide for a code of conduct both for the arbitrators as well as for the parties and their representatives, thus ensuring highest standards of integrity, transparency and neutrality in functioning.
  • Value system based in creating public confidence
  • Specially modelled rules to cater to and meet different requirement of the users. Rules include CAP 16, SCAP 16 , MedCon16, General Rules 16 and Code (Please Click relevant Rules for more information)
  • Cost effective, time efficient with reasonable Arbitrator’s and Neutral’s fees. Other charges are set out in detail.
  • Systematic processes and flexible procedures.
  • Parties’ privilege to appoint Arbitrator or Neutral.
  • IIAC may appoint Arbitrator or Neutral at the request of parties or in circumstances where parties fail to appoint them.
  • Model clauses with variations to suit different needs.
  • Panel of Arbitrators with specialized domain knowledge. Panel consists of both national and international experts to resolve the complexity of the matters.
  • Fast Track summary procedure available for small claims and disputes arising from written contracts involving few issues.
  • Provisions for Emergency Arbitrators and speedy interim orders for protection of subject maters in dispute can be obtained without resorting to Court proceedings.
  • Freedom to parties to choose who will present and argue their Case. Parties can appoint Lawyers as also Non Lawyers or other technically qualified persons if they desire that such persons should represent them before the Arbitral Tribunal.
  • Excellent facilities as per international norms like video conferencing facility, projection system, etc.
  • IIAC proposes e-filings
  • IIAC assures to maintain the quality and neutrality of the dispute resolution process.
  • Trained and efficient Secretariat