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A Brief Overview

Welcome to the IMC International ADR Centre (IIAC), located in Mumbai, India. The Centre is a non- profit organization & is a dispute resolution provider.

IIAC is an independent arm of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber; a premier Chamber of Commerce & Trade formed 108 years ago to represent Indian trade, commerce, business and industry. Over 250 trade associations including from overseas are affiliated to IMC.

Realizing the acute need for Institutional Arbitration with fixed cost and time bound schedule of proceedings as well as need for other means of dispute resolution mechanisms for early settlement, IMC embarked upon establishing a comprehensive International Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre. ADR is a collection of processes used for the purpose of resolving conflict or disputes informally and confidentially and without going to courts.

IIAC was incorporated in 2015 as an independent company constituted under the Companies Act, 2013 and is promoted by the Indian Merchants Chamber. It is housed in IMC Suresh Kotak international ADR Centre and is spread over 3rd floor of the IMC building.

With IMC’s rich legacy, IIAC brings to the table over 100 years of experience in doing business, yet it remains apolitical and neutral.

The Centre is located at Churchgate in Mumbai, a city known as Gateway of India, the commercial hub of India. Mumbai’s geographical position, moderate climate, its rich diverse culture & sincere hospitality makes IIAC an ideal choice for the business entities worldwide.

IIAC aims to provide alternative dispute resolution service that meets parties’ specific interests. It offers arbitration, mediation, conciliation and fully administered dispute resolution services upholding the highest standard in the domestic and international arena.

IIAC, India and International Arbitration

India is growing as a major player in the global economy. Its economic strength and human resources have been recognized worldwide. The laws and courts in India support ADR Services. India is a signatory to the New York Convention. The Statute and Rules of IIAC are based on UNCITRAL laws to suit both domestic and international standard.

There are no consistent quality standards or regulation for ADR providers. IIAC aims at establishing and sustaining these quality standards.

It is our mission to provide commendable ADR Services to the business entities throughout the world. IIAC welcomes all domestic and international business entities to avail its ADR services.