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  • IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a Seminar on Challenges to, Enforcement And Execution of Arbitral Awards 16th December 2017

    IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a Seminar on Challenges to, Enforcement And Execution of Arbitral Awards. The Event was supported by IIAC. The eminent speakers included Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anoop V. Mohta (Retd.) Mr. Janak Dwarakadas, Senior Counsel and Mr. Gaurang Mehta, Advocate. Few photographs may be viewed here.

  • Seminar on “INSTITUTIONAL ARBITRATION –THE WAY FORWARD”. on 24th November,2017

    IMC International ADR Centre (IIAC) organised a Seminar on ‘Institutional Arbitration – The Way Forward’ with a view to spread the culture of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism and equip participants, blend from professionals and industry members, on advantages of its use. Unlike advanced jurisdictions where Institutional Arbitration has become the norm in commercial disputes, India continues with ad-hoc arbitration system; controlling costs and limiting intervention of courts are two major concerns in the ad-hoc system. Accordingly, the theme of the seminar focused on ‘Institutional Arbitration – The Way Forward’ and two important advantages emerging thereof.

    Seminar commenced with welcome remarks by IIAC Chairman, Mr. Shailesh Vaidya who also familiarized the participants as well the dignitaries of the rich past of the Chamber and its pioneering work in the field of ADR and unfolded the theme of the seminar. In a crisp presentation, Ms. Renu Parekh gave insights on the IIAC establishment and Rules.

    The Chief Guest of the seminar His Lordship The Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. D. Dhanuka, Sitting judge, High Court, Bombay addressed on the theme of the seminar citing various associations who have developed and are using institutional mechanism. Other eminent speakers Mr. Ketan Parikh, Sr. Counsel and Mr. Anand Desai, Managing Partner, DSK Legal addressed on topics ‘Court's Role in ADR Process (Intervention and Support)’ and ‘Controlling Costs in Indian Arbitrations’ respectively. Mr. Ketan Parikh, Sr. Counsel pointed out various stages and sections under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 where under intervention of courts was possible and in the process he also collated and compared IIAC Rules and how advantageous they are in minimizing this intervention. Mr. Anand Desai suggested ways of controlling costs, ‘budgeting’ and acknowledged ‘IIAC pool of talent specially Mr. Suresh Kotak’.

    An interactive Q & R session followed and Questions were put forth to each of speakers. Mr. Gautam Mehta, Chairman, ADR Committee of IMC Chamber & Industry gave impromptu remarks on arbitration and mediation. Mr. Shaunak Thakkar, Chairman, Law & Justice Committee of IMC Chamber & Industry gave concluding remarks of the entire seminar and proposed the vote of thanks to the speakers, organizers and the august gathering and acknowledged presence of one of IIAC’s domain base specialized arbitrator -Captain Mr. Vinod Gupta in the audience.

    The man behind IIAC, Mr. Suresh Kotak who personally saw venue and event arrangements, as a true patriarch took a low-key keeping focus on the members present on the dais.

    The audience applauded the program and the feedback forms showed keen interest to attend the next event and requested for a ‘larger venue’ confirming seminar’s success and outreach.

    IIAC expresses its gratitude to the Chief Guest and the speakers.

    For few memories of the event please click here.

  • Visit by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri, Sitting Judge, Supreme Court of India, 31 May 2017

    The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri visited IIAC on 31 May 2017. In a select gathering of arbitrators, experts, lawyers and businessmen alike, he congratulated both the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the commendable work initiated by it in setting up IIAC for furthering the cause of ADR mechanism in the country; and the IMC International ADR Centre at the range of services offered i.e. arbitrations, mediations and combinations such as Med-Arb- Med or Med-Arb or Arb-Med- Arb etc.

    He elucidated the differences between an adjudicatory process like arbitration and the collaborative and win-win nature of a mediation process. Sharing his valuable insights on the practical experiences in court annexed arbitrations and mediations; in matters ranging from intense labour disputes to infringement of trademarks, he explained how ADR can be used in an advantageous manner in cases where they may be limitations in issues put forth before a court. His commitment to the ADR culture is evident in many articles he has penned. J. Sikri also shared his thoughts on intermingling forces of how society influences judiciary and in turn judiciary influences society.

    Concluding his talk with a walk-through of the sophisticated IMC Suresh Kotak International ADR Centre, he exclaimed that he was very impressed with the state of the art infrastructure facilities offered thereat and that the ADR culture in Indian was poised for a better change in the coming days.

  • July 8,2016 time: 3:30PM

    Launch of Operations of IMC International ADR Centre by Hon’ble Justice Smt. Sujata Manohar (Retd.), Chairperson of the Apex Advisory Committee of IIAC

    Venue : Babubhai chinai committee Room, 2nd floor, IMC, IMC Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai-400020