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Mr.Suresh Kotak

MR. SURESH KOTAK A businessman, Mr. Suresh Kotak is a man both of vision and mission. Hehas been serving cotton, agriculture, textiles business & industry and its research in various capacities. He has been connected with various commodity associations, National and International Chambers of Commerce, NGO’s and others alike.

Mr. Suresh Kotak is a great propagator of alternate means of dispute and conflict resolutions.

A commerce graduate with no formal training in law, his astute business perceptions and experience of business practices as a globe trotter has given him exposure to global business systems. He has been an active Arbitrator with International Cotton Association and has been co-arbitrator at various arbitrations conducted abroad and in India. He has vast practical experience both as an Arbitrator and a Mediator.

The IMC International ADR Centre (IIAC) is manifestation of his dream and IIAC has been set up under his initiation. He has participated in each step of the Centre’s formulation.

Mr. Kotak is also one of the founder directors of IIAC. IIAC is housed in IMC Suresh Kotak Arbitration Centre which offers state of the art infrastructure facilities.

Mr. Kotak keeps himself well abreast of developments in the alternate resolution mechanism across the globe. An ardent believer in alternate yet fair and balanced means of dispute and differences resolutions; his focus area is developing mediation as a peaceful process of resolution, creating a win-win situation for each stakeholder. In this context, he has submitted suggestions to the government.

Mr. Suresh Kotak has a rich repertoire of achievements and laurels, few are listed below.

  • He is recipient of life time achievement award by The Textile Association (India), Ahmedabad and also by the Indian Cotton Federation.
  • He has been conferred “Cotton & Finance Merit Award” by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi for his invaluable contribution in cotton and general business.
  • He has been the past president of many prestigious institutions in India few amongst which are Cotton Association of India, International Chamber of Commerce (India Chapter), IMC, etc.
  • He is on board of several companies, associations and federations as well as on panels of several advisory committees.
  • With his pluralistic knowledge base, he is a regular speaker at international and national conferences on different subjects.